Picture of Plastic Wall Mountable Kit

Plastic Wall Mountable Kit


A Comprehensive First Aid Kit designed for general purpose for the sports team, home, car or workplace.

Extra stock available if you would like to add to your kit.



Triangle Bandage x1                       Fabric Plaster Roll 2.5cm x1

Eye Pad x1                                     Plasters 40

Wound Dressing x2                         Fabric Dressing Strip x1

Non Adherent Pad 10x7.5cm x2       Tweezers x1

Non Adherent Pad 5x7.5cm x1         Stainless Scissors x1

Combine Dressing 10x9cm x1          CPR Face Shield x1

Gauze Swabs 2's x3                        Pair Gloves x2

Antiseptic Wipes                             First Aid Hints Card x1

Saline Solution 60ml x1                  Hepatitis B Sticker x1

Roller Bandage 5cm x1                   Specimen Bag x1

Roller Bandage 7.5cm x1     


Plastic Wall Mountable Kit
$85.00 (NZD)