Picture of Metal Wall Kit

Metal Wall Kit

Services 5-25 staff and exceeds OSH minimum guideline requirements Picture is for a kitchen kit. They can be made industry specific.


A Comprehensive Kit suitable for the workplace.

Services 5-25 staff

Exceeds OSH minimum guidelines requirements.



Safety Pins 12's                             Fabric Dressing Strip x1

Fabric plasters 100's x1                  Eye Pads x2

Non Adherent Pad 5x7 x4               Wound Cleansing Wips x10

Non Adherent Pad 10x7.5cm x4      Panadol 20's x1

Island Dressing 10x7.5cm x4          Hints Card x1

Conforming Bandage 5cm x1          Gloves Pair x3

Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x1       Omniplast Tape x1

Crepe Bandage 10cm x1               Eye Bath x1

Crepe Bandage 5cm x1                  Triangular Bandage x2

Combine Dressing 10x10cm x2       Specimen Bag x1

Combine Bandage 10x20cm x2       Slinter Probe x4

CPR Face Shield x2                        Saline 20ml x5

SteriStrip x2                                 Accident Blanket x1

Antiseptic Cream x1                      Tweezers x1

Gauze Swabs 2's x3                      Hepatitis Sticker x1

Paper Tape x1                              Transparent Tape x1

Stainless Scissors x1                    Burnshield Dressing 10x10cm x2

Shears x1                                    Burn Gel 3ml x5

Instant Ice

Metal Wall Kit
Picture of Metal Wall Kit
Picture is for a kitchen kit
$240.00 (NZD)